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Classification and application of scale and corrosion inhibitors
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Do you know scale and corrosion inhibitors? If you often follow the news on our website, I believe that many friends know the answer. Today I will tell you about the classification and application of scale inhibitors. Interested friends will follow Let's take a look together.

There are many types of scale and corrosion inhibitors, usually a combination of some compounds with special structures, and the type selection should be based on factors such as the surface condition of the metal, the composition of the corrosion medium, and the operating conditions. Scale inhibitors commonly used in water treatment include inorganic polyphosphates, organic phosphonic acids, phosphonic acids, organic phosphonic esters, polycarboxylic acids, and the like. There are many types of scale inhibitors. The products with both corrosion and scale inhibition functions are mainly organic phosphorus scale inhibitors, such as ATMP, HEDP, DTPMPA, EDTMPS, HPAA and so on.

In addition, a small amount of polymer also contains certain scale and corrosion inhibition functions, such as phosphonocarboxylic acid copolymer, green scale and corrosion inhibitor PESA, PASP and so on. Scale and corrosion inhibitors are mainly used in industrial circulating water systems such as power plants, steel plants, fertilizer plants, oilfield water injection systems, and so on. General end users rarely use a single medicament as a corrosion inhibitor. It is necessary to set a scheme according to the system conditions and add a dedicated scale inhibitor.

The above is the classification and application of scale and corrosion inhibitors brought to our friends by your editor. Your demand is our ultimate goal and pursuit. Sincerely thank you for reading, I hope you will get a certain harvest.