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V3268 Antifriction hydraulic oil additive

V3268  is a high level antifriction hydraulic oil additive, it can used in kinds of hydraulic oil.

Recommended use level

When V3268 was used in HMHV hydraulic oil, the addition is 0.8%wt,when blending high 

level hydraulic oil, the addition is 0.85%,.


Good features in anti-oxidation, mitigate corrosion, rust protection, and antifriction.

Good filterability, anti-emulsion, and hydrolyzed stability.

Quality solubility, It can dissolved in mineral oil, synthesis base oil.


DIN51524、Par2 and Par3 (HLP,HVLP)CETOP RP91H (HMHV),SEB181222;(Abex-Denison)

HF-O and L-HM mineral hydraulic oil standard, the highest blending temperature is 66℃.

 Technical standard
AppearanceLiumogen clarity liquid
Sulfur, wt%6.20
Phosphorus, wt%


Zn, wt%