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TE4208 gear oil package

TE4208 has good extreme pressure antiwear property, antirust and corrosion inhibition, and oxidation stability property, be a multiple functional additive package for gear oils. It works effectively to prevent gear surface from scuffing, abrasion, pitting and spalling under harsh conditions like speedy impact and high torque, can keeps rust and corrosion away from the gear surface.

Performance gradeTreating rate (m%)

Above treating rates are calculated by addition method. This product is applicable for the preparation of the gear oils of SAE90, 80W/90, 85W/90, 85W/140 blended with Group I and Group II gear oils. The qualities of the blended CKC and CKD comply with GB 5903 standard. The quality of the blended GL-4 is up to Q/SH011-066-96 standard and that of the blended GL-5 up to GB 13859 standard.

ItemTypical valueTest method
AppearanceDark Brown Viscous LiquidVisual
Density, kg/m3, at 20oCReportASTM D1298
Flash point (COC), oC≥100ASTM D92
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s, 40≥40.00ASTM D445
Phosphorus, mass%≥0.35ASTM D5185
Sulfur, mass%≥16.00ASTM D5185
Nitrogen, mass%≥0.5ASTM D4629
Mechanical impurities, mass%≤0.10GB/T511


 3、Packing,Transportation and Storage:

1. The package is packed in 200 litre metal drums. Avoid contacting with strong oxidizer.

2. Ambient temperature for storage should not exceed 50℃. Entering of water and impurities is strictly forbidden.

3. The packing, marking, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance should meet the requirement of SH/T 0164.

4. For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.


1. The package is a kind of functional additive package, containing no pour point depressant, antifoam agent or viscosity index modifier.

2. The recommended temperature for blending of oil is 60-65℃

3. The temperature of heating steam for transferring and blending should be 65-70℃.