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TE1034-36 Semi-organic Coolant Fluid Additive Package
 Product introduction

This product is a semi-organic engine coolant compound liquid additive, does not contain silicate, borax, triethanolamine and other components, The product has stable performance and excellent quality, This compound additive includes two components of heavy-duty engine coolant compound additive T1036 and T1034.

The light and heavy-duty engine coolant produced with the above-mentioned compound additives according to the prescribed formula and production process, the product quality index completely conforms to the petrochemical industry standard NB/SH 0521-2010, “Ethylene glycol type and propylene glycol type engine coolant” and national standard GB 29743-2013 “Motor vehicle engine coolant”. Excellent product performance index, Suitable for all kinds of light and heavy-duty engine cooling systems in a whole year.

The compound is a low foam additive, during product production process even if no longer add defoaming agent, its quality index also can accord with national standard requirement, However, when customers put forward higher requirements on the performance index of defoaming, appropriate amount of defoaming agent can be added.

 Product formula

The Coolant Fluid No. 30 and no. 35 are manufactured using different quantities of various raw materials according to the following formula.

Material NameNO.30 heavy duty coolant fluidNO.35 heavy duty coolant fluid
Ethylene glycol ,%45.050.0
Additive T1036, %2.02.2
Additive T1034, %1.01.1
Deionized water, %52.046.7
Dye/color materialProper (20-50ppm)Proper (20-50ppm)
Defoaming agentProper (80~160ppm)Proper(80~160ppm)

Note: this product requires to use high quality polyester grade petroleum ethylene glycol, not coalethylene glycol.

Production process

Coolant fluid production method: According to the amount of single production, add the required amount of high-quality polyester grade ethylene glycol into the blending production tank, and add the compound T1036 and dye/color material under the stirring condition according to the above formula. Then stirring 25 ~30 minutes, add compound T1034 and defoaming agent, continue stirring for 50~60 minutes. Add deionized water, stir for another 20~30 minutes, test the pH value (generally should be 8.5±0.4) and pass the freezing point, filter Or after standing, the finished product is obtained.

In order to ensure that the color of the product is stable during use, it is recommended to use fluorescein (yellow) or red dye.

Metal corrosion resistance test value

In the engine cooling systems, if using this Light and heavy duty engine coolant fluid produced under these compounding additives, various metal materials have excellent protection properties, and are also excellent compatibility performance with non-metallic materials such as various plastic hoses.

Typical test results of metal corrosion resistance test of this product are as follows:

TE1034-36 Semi-organic Coolant Fluid Additive Package

Packing and storage

1.This product is packed in plastic drums with a net weight of 30kg, 50kg, 200kg and 1000kg per drum.

2.Seal and store in a cool, dry and ventilated place above -15 °C.


1.Additive T1036 is alkaline, T1034 is acidic, and the pH value of the product is not regulated in the production process, the pH value can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the dosage of T1034.

2.During the use of compound agent, production staff should take appropriate protective measures to avoid contact with skin Touch; Rinse with water immediately after accidental contact.

3.Additive T1036 cannot be mixed with T1034 before use, otherwise, chemical reaction will occur, It will reduce the low temperature property and metal protection property of the compound product.

4.Coolant products produced with this additive shall be packaged in dark opaque packaging containers. Avoid direct sun exposure during loading, storage and transportation.


Coolant fluid NO.T 1034 %T 1036 %

Ethylene glycol ,%

Water %
-45℃ coolant fluid1.32.65838.1
-40℃ coolant fluid1.22.45442.4
-35℃ coolant fluid1.12.25046.7
-30℃ coolant fluid124552
-25℃ coolant fluid0.91.84156.3