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Gear Oil Compound Additive GL-5 4.5%:GL-4 2.25% TE-4206

Product Introduction

TE4206 has excellent extreme pressure wear resistance, excellent rust resistance, corrosion resistance and oxygen resistance. It is a compound agent of gear oil with compound function. It can effectively prevent the gear from deformation, friction, pitting and spalling in harsh environments such as fast and high torque environments. It can prevent gear surface rust and corrosion.

Performance ClassRecommended Dosage (m%)

The above recommended dosage is calculated according to the superposition method. This product is suitable for the first and second class gear oil of SAE90, 80W/90, 85W/90, 85W/140. The quality of modulated CKC and CKD products conforms to GB 5903 standard. The quality of the modulated GL-4 products conforms to the Q/SH011-066-96 standard. The quality of the modulated GL-5 products conforms to GB 13859 standard.

Technical Index

ItemQuality IndexTest Method
Appearance Dark brown thick liquidEyeballing
kinematic Viscosity (40),mm2/s40.00ASTM D445
Density20℃),g/cm3ReportASTM D1298
Flash point (Opening),℃100ASTM D92
Mechanical Impurities (40),mm2/s40.00ASTM D445
Sulphur m%,28ASTM D5185
Phosphorus m%,1.5ASTM D5185
Nitrogen m%,0.3ASTM D5185

Packing, Storage & Transportation

Packed in 200kg galvanized steel drum, airtight storage.