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Organic Coolant Fluid Additive Package TE 1039
Product introduction

This Organic Coolant Fluid Additive Package is compound by Organic acids - OAT technology. Coolant blended by this package has anti-rust and anti-corrosion function to the metal of light and heavy duty vehicle cooling system. It has an excellent performance on long life of light duty vehicles. It has an excellent performance on preventing cavitations’ erosion of heavy duty vehicles.

Coolant blended by this package has the advantage of superior performance, easy to use, high production efficiency, low production cost etc. It can be used to blend coolant meet the standard of NB/SH/0521-2010、GB29743-2013 without sophisticated equipments and professional personnel. It is green and environmental protection.

Product application

This coolant package is mainly used to produce ethylene glycol type engine cooling fluid for light load. Vehicle cooling fluid produced in the right process with the recipe of organic liquid coolant corrosion compound can meet the demand of domestic and international products and OEM products industry requirement performance standard: 

NB/SH/0521-2010 ,GB29743-2013,ASTM D3306,BS 6580,JISK 2234


Features of coolant fluid produced

◇ Long lifetime: Used the technology of organic acid technology reduced the additive consumption rate and extended the service life of the cooling liquid. Cooling fluid maintenance life is five years.

◇ Green and environmental protection: There are no Inorganic corrosion inhibitors such as amine, nitrite, nitrate, borate, silicate, phosphate, etc.

◇ Superior anti-rust , anti-corrosion performance: It contains efficient organic acid additives which have a better antirust performance to all kinds of metal of engine cooling system. It has an excellent corrosion resistant performance for wet cylinder liner of overloaded vehicles.

◇ Excellent aluminum alloy protection performance: Excellent organic acid adsorption antirust technology can put an end to aluminum alloy cavitations’ corrosion and the corrosion damage caused by fouling of heat transfer surface.

◇ Superior antifouling performance: It contains high performance polymer ant-scale agent. It provides excellent high temperature scale prevention ability for coolant fluid. It can prevent the radiators’ blocking of scaling. It can extend the service life of the engine cooling system.

 Physical and chemical properties
AppearanceHomogeneous and transparent liquidEyeballing
ColorLight yellowEyeballing
Density(20℃),g/cm31.07-1.09SH/T 0068
pH9.0-10.0SH/T 0069
Water solubilityCompletely soluble in-
Storage stability, >0℃12 months-

Packaging and storage

 ◇Plastic barrels, 220 kg / barrel.

◇Storage and transportation of non hazardous materials ,storage in a ventilated and cool dry place, above 0℃

Process of Cooling Fluid Production 

Basic Formula

NO.ComposeMass Fraction
ethylene glycol100
3Additive Package15


SpecificationComposeMass Fraction %

-40℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol52.20
Additive Package7.83

-35℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol49.40
Additive Package7.41

-30℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol46.00
Additive Package6.90

-25℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol42.00
Additive Package6.30

-20℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol37.00
Additive Package5.55

-15℃ Cooling liquid

ethylene glycol30.00
Additive Package5.55

The operation method of cooling fluid production

Put ethylene glycol and deionized water into agitated vessel accordingly. During stirring add Additive Package accordingly. Then stir 10~20min. Test PH and freezing point. After it is qualified, add into defoaming agent and pigment. 

Physicochemical indicators and test performance of cooling fluid (-35℃ )



GB 29743 ASTM D 3306

NB/SH/T 0521

ResultTest Method


Striking colors-Eyeballing
SmellNo smellNo smellsmell
Density ≥10601070SH/T 0068
Freeze point≤-35.0-37.0SH/T 0090
Boiling point ≥107.5108.0SH/T 0089
Impact for car's organic coatings  No effectNo effectSH/T 0084
pH7.5-11.08.2SH/T 0069
Chlorinity mg/kg≤25-
SH/T 0621

Glassware Corrosion test SH/T 0085 

 (ASTM D 1384)


The Changed value mg/ slice

GB 29743     ASTM D 3306

NB/SH/T 0521 

Copper0±10 (±5)
Brass-1±10 (±5)
Cast iron0±10

Heat corrosion of cast aluminum alloy 

SH/T 0620  (ASTM D 4340)


Weight Loss mg/cm2

GB 29743     ASTM D 3306

NB/SH/T 0521  


Aluminum pump cavitation erosion. 

SH/T 0087  (ASTM D 2809)

Test Sample

Erosion, rank

GB 29743  ASTM D 3306

NB/SH/T 0521 

Aluminum pump cavitation erosion /rank9≥8

Simulated use corrosion 

SH/T 0088  (ASTM D 2570)


The Changed value 

mg/ slice

GB 29743    ASTM D 3306

NB/SH/T 0521

Copper-1±20 (±10)
Brass-2±20 (±10)
Cast iron0±20