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Ortho toluenediamine (OTDA)
 一 .Character

1.Formula: C7H10N2   Molecular weight:122   CAS:102-51-2 

2.This product is a light gray solid at room temperature, with amine taste, melting point:62.78°C, flash point:157.22°C,  spontaneous combustion temperature: 540°C. It is very unstable in the air, quickly discoloration, its hydrochloride is relatively stable, soluble in water, benzene, chloroform, ethylacetate, alcohol and other organic substances. This product is toxic, irritant to the skin. 

 二. Performance & Application 

This product is often used as an intermediate in many production, such as the corrosion inhibitor tolyltriazole, rubber additive MMB. It can be used as the starting agent of special hard foam polyether. The polyether polyol synthesized with OTD as the starting agent can make the foam uniform without causing shrinkage, which improves the thermal insulation performance and low temperature dimension performance of the foam. Another type of hard foam polyether is soluble in cyclopentane. It is an alternative to the more expensive o-phenylenediamine in a lot of applications, including epoxy resin curing, polymer initiation, cross-linking, chain extension and end closure.

 三.Technical data 
Melting point60 -63(°C)
Moisture≤ 0.20 %
PH value11.5-12.0

四.Storage and Transportation

Ensure storage and workplace are well ventilated. Product refilling and operation can only be carried out in the closed system. Avoid contact with skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust. Operate in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practices. Do not eat, drink or smoke at work place.

Product package: 200 kg iron drum package, or according to customer requirements.