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Water Soluble Copper Corrosion Inhibitor KHC3042

Product Description


KHC3042 is a methyl benzotriazole derivative, soluble in water and ethylene glycol system, used as a metal deactivated agent. It can replace solid Benzotriazole and solid methyl benzotriazole, effectively protect yellow metal and prevent cobalt spillover. Its combination with the conventional carboxylate rust inhibitor can provide corrosion protection for a variety of metals.

Application & Recommended Dosage

All water based systems with PH>7: antifreeze (engine coolant), high water based hydraulic fluid (HFC), water/glycol hydraulic fluid (HFC), metal working fluid (emulsion and synthetic fluid), etc.

The recommended dosage is 0.1%-0.5%.

Performance Features

Easy to operate, suitable substitutes for benzotriazole and methyl benzotriazole.

Protect yellow metal and cobalt alloy from corrosion




Use with nitrite is not recommended because it may form nitrite amine.

It is recommended to use carboxylate rust inhibitors together, which can have a synergistic effect.

Quality Characteristics

                           Items            KHC3042
AppearanceClear amber liquid
Active Content/%>75
Density (20)/(g/cm3)1.1551.165
Kinematic Viscosity (40℃)/(mm2/s3040
Mechanical Impurities (mass fraction)/%0.08
Condensation Point / ()5
Nitrogen Content /(wt)%17.018.0

Package & Storage


25kg/drum and 200kg/drum package.

Keep away from sunlight and other impurities of hydration.

Store in a cool and dry place.


Crystallization may occur when stored at an environment below 5℃.

As for the long-term storage, the color will become darker, but does not affect the performance.


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