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KHC-3030 Oil Soluble Metal Deactivator

Product Description 

The quality of KHC-3030 is BASF IRGAMET 30 equivalent. KHC3030, a triazole derivative, is a liquid, oil soluble, metal deactivator. 


Protects yellow metals from corrosion 

High performance in solvent refined base stocks 

Provides excellent activity at low concentrations 

Shows synergistic behaviour with Irganox L antioxidants, resulting in superior oxidationstability 

Does not affect dielectric properties of transformer fluids 

Contains no diluents 

Easy to handle liquid with excellent solubility in mineral oil


Should not be used in metalworking fluids or in any fluids which can inadvertently be introduced into the environment, due to low biodegradability and potential toxicity to aquatic organisms. 

May interact with metal containing additives. 

Applications and typical treat levels recommended 

Industrial lubricants   200-1000 ppm 

Transformer oils        10-50 ppm

Quality Characteristics


Quality Characteristics



Clear, yellow to brown liquid

Viscosity at 40 °C

30 mPa.s

Density at 20 °C

0.92 g/cm3

Flash point

158 , Pensky-Martens

Nitrogen content



Water  < 0.01%

Mineral oil  > 5%

Package & Storage 

25kg/drum and 200kg/drum packing

Safety Warning 

When using this product, the information and advice given in our Safety Data Sheet should be observed. Due attention should also be given to the precautions necessary for handling chemicals.