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Benzotriazole 40% Sodium Salt (BTAS)

Formula: C6H4N3Na

CAS No.: 15217-42-2

苯骈三氮唑 40%钠盐

MW: 141.11

Structural formula:


It is light yellow clear solution, soluble in water, chloroform, benzene, toluene and other organic solvents, with a lower alcohol, ethylene glycol miscible in any proportion. 


BTA-S adsorbed on metal surface to form a thin film to protect copper, brass, bronze from corrosion by atmosphere and harmful medium, it could prevent copper ion to transfer if put some BTA-S in cold water, the transformation of copper ion could expedite the corrosion of iron and aluminum, in the heat transfer medium, copper ions can cause pitting corrosion of aluminum. It could prevent serious corrosion od thylene glycol catalytic oxidation acid from copper ion if putting some BTA-S to recycling water, so it widely used in the solar energy conversion system, reactor of nuclear power plant, the boiler of power plant, cooling system of automobile engine and engine cooling system. BTA-S could work with other corrosion inhibitor which has a synergistic effect to increase the effect of corrosion inhibitor. 


200-250kg/Plastic Drum, 1200kg/IBC

AppearanceLight yellow clear solution
PH Value(10%aqueous solution,20℃)11.2-11.8
Density(20℃)1.152-1.192g/ cm³
 The enterprise carries out the standardQ/320682RUY04-2011