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TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 Cooling Water Dispersant
Product Description:

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 is a fluorescent tagged polymer. It enables real-time measurement of polymer residual to adjust polymer dosage to prevent scale formation and deposit in heat exchanger and cooling towers. It is comparable with Dow Acumer 2100 in terms of inhibition of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate scale and dispersion of Zn, iron, manganese and suspended solids. The difference is that the concentration of TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 can be measured and adjusted online in real-time with its fluorescent tag to prevent scale and deposit, but Acumer 2100 does not have a fluorescent tag to enable online measurement and control. It is recommended to uses online fluorometer (e.g. fluorometer or Tag fluorescence probe) and a controller to measure and adjust TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 dosage. Online adjustment of TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 to a desired residual dosage can compensate proactively for loss of polymer due to Ca, phosphate, alkalinity and temperature excursions and upsets, so it can proactivelyprevent operational problems with heat exchangers and cooling towers. Since TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 automatically doses more to compensate for both routine and special causes of system variation, it leaves you a peace of mind that your operation is in control 24*7 and provides a return on your investment through their unique control and diagnostic capabilities.

The product can be mixed and blended with other corrosion inhibitor products and multifunctional cooling water products to make one-drum cooling water treatment program.

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 is a superior polymer with high active polymer concentration to control iron, manganese, calcium phosphate, zinc and suspended solids deposition in High Stress cooling water 


TagPolymer KCH-TP2100 is particularly recommended where the holding time index is long and where iron and manganese dispersion is a limiting factor. It is also effective where high phosphate concentrations in the make-up and high temperature applications are a concern.

 Physical and Chemical Properties:

These properties are typical. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet

(SDS) for the most current data.

ColorClear Yellow
Solubility in waterComplete
Specific Gravity @ 68°F (20°C)1.1-1.3
pH (neat)3 - 4.8
Viscosity @ 68°F (20°C)39.93 - 42.69 cst
Pour Point-2.0°C (28.4oF)
Flash Point (PMCC) Not applicable
Freezing Point-4.6 °C (23.7oF)
Freeze/Thaw RecoveryComplete

 Active Ingredients:

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100

Calcium phosphate, zinc, iron, manganese, and suspended solids control

 Set up and Dosage control of Tagged Polymer:

Inert Tracer TRASAR control doses the product at a fixed concentration, while tagPolymer control dose product at varied concentration to keep TagPolymer active residual concentration at a fixed level. As system stress increases (such as more Ca, phosphate, higher pH, higher temperature, higher solids), Tagpolymer is lost more due to chelating with solids and ions to deal with such system stress. 

Tagpolymer control adjusts Tagpolymer dosage up proactively to compensate for higher loss of polymer. This smart feature will prevent scale and deposit formation in heat exchangers and cooling towers to keep your operation running at varied system conditions. It prevents system outage, loss of production, or reduced heat exchange efficiency due to scale and deposit formation in your heat exchangers.

The Product Factor for TagPolymer products is the best guide for delivering the proper Product dose for most multifunctional products. Tagged Polymer Factor denotes that federate (ppm) of TagPolymer product where you are feeding 10 ppm of active tagpolymer. If controlling the product feed based on the remaining active polymer level in the system, Tagged Polymer Control is used, and an active residual TagPolymer setpoint is chosen, while the overall product dosage is varied to keep such active residual TagPolymer concentration. This dispersant-only product can be controlled using Tagged Polymer Control. 

The actives levels fed are determined by multiplying the Product feed (ppm) by the weight % (expressed as a fraction). TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 does not contain inert tracer PTSA, so does not have an inert tracer Product Factor, but it does have a Tagged Polymer Factor.

ActiveFunction Weight
TagPolymer KHC TP-2100

Calcium phosphate, zinc, iron, manganese, and suspended 

Tagged polymer factorMonitoring and Control

Tagged Polymer Factor = 25

Material Compatibility

Material compatibility data are only valid for product storage and feed systems.

CompatibleNot Compatible
PolyurethaneCarbon Steel
Plasite 4005Neoprene
Plasite 7122Hypalon® elastomer
PolyethyleneStainless Steel 304
Viton® synthetic rubber

 Dosage and Feeding:

The dosage of TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 product will vary with water chemistry and other site-specific parameters. Consult your water treatment expert for specific dosage and feeding recommendations. 

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 product should be fed via a closed feed system. A closed feed system is defined as a system in which fluid is moved from a closed storage vessel into a treated media without exposure to the atmosphere except through normal venting or pressure relief devices.

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 product must be fed continuously to assure adequate levels of chemical residual are always maintained. Slug feeding must be avoided because it will result in periods of high and low levels of chemical residual.

TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 product must be fed where rapid mixing will occur, and be distributed throughout the system. In most situations, feeding to a location just prior to the suction side of the circulating water pump is recommended. Do not feed two products at the same application point where localized product mixing can occur. Do not mix with other chemicals. Unwanted interactions may occur that will decrease or destroy the product's effectiveness. Check chemical inventory and feed rate regularly. Loss of feed will result in increased corrosion.

 Safety and Handling:

Read the Safety Data Sheet for specific personal protective equipment and for health effects information before using TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 technology. This is a mildly acidic product that may cause eye or skin irritation, with prolonged contact. Chemical-resistant gloves and safety goggles/face shield should be worn when handling TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 equipment.


TagPolymer KHC TP-2100 equipment should be stored in a location where the product temperature can be kept in a range between 15°F (-2°C) and 120°F (49°C). Recommended in-plant storage limit is one year. 

Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the most current data.